Florian Neuhauser

Managing Editor

I grew up in a creative and entrepreneurial family. As long as I can remember my father, mother, and brother worked as a team. At the age of 14 (shortly after we moved from Austria to America), I convinced my parents I could ride. A 3-day riding course in Austria, and
 many motorcycle weekends with the family, gave me the skills and confidence for riding. My dad was the best teacher while on the road: I followed his lines through the curves, watched his hand signals indicating which gear I should be in, and got a great feel for the pace. Every time I’m out riding I consciously think about the perfect line, and as anybody that knows me we will tell you, it’s the one aspect of riding I talk the most about.

Since RoadRUNNER’s inception, I’ve been actively involved with the magazine. As with any family business, my fingers touch virtually every area. Beside the “boring” office work, I test motorcycles and products, help guide organized tours overseas, and explore the backroads of America for tour articles.

I earned a degree in Marketing from UNCG, but the best way to see the world is on a motorcycle!

As for my favorite road, I’d say it depends on which bike I’m riding. And as for my preference in bikes, I prefer adventure bikes because of the up-right seating position and the versatility. The Austrian-made KTM is my personal favorite, of course. But as long as a motorcycle gets me around safely and comfortably, I’m not too picky.

Currently I own a 2007 KTM 250 XCF, 1997 Triumph Tiger, and 1978 Triumph Bonneville 750.

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