Dawn Lindeman

Dawn LindemanSales Associate

I remember my father saying, “You were born a salesperson!” I guess, in a way, we all have a sales personality inside us, whether we are writing a story, trying to get into college, or selling our wares. It’s how we promote ourselves, our products, and our services to the world.

For me, I enjoy the “art of sales.” This includes, first and foremost, connecting with people who love what they do and live to do it. Motorcycle enthusiasts fit this profile and RoadRUNNER Magazine fulfills this art! I am able to learn about new places to visit, different cultures, and parts of the country that I have never been to all via the pages of RoadRUNNER.

While I’ve been a salesperson for over a decade, I am also an author, entrepreneur, and best of all, a mom! My free time is spent with my son and daughter. We love to explore in the woods, bike ride, roller blade, and boogie board in the ocean.