Christa Neuhauser

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

I’m originally from Austria, where I grew up skiing the great Alps. Once old enough, I quickly discovered the pleasure of riding motorcycles through mountain regions and touring the endless pass roads of the Alps and Dolomites. Along with friends, I toured and explored Europe extensively on two wheels.

I continued riding into adulthood and married a man who shared my passion for the road. One day, my husband Christian was browsing through a German motorcycle magazine that featured an article about touring Pacific Coast Hwy 1. We were so intrigued by the report and the photos that we started making travel plans. We shipped our bikes from Austria to Los Angeles, where we rode from California all the way to Canada, along the coastal highway. We had a blast, so it was unsurprising when we returned a few years later to follow Route 66 from Chicago to LA. The route was difficult at times, as there weren’t any signs, or the road just ended. But we made it. And riding the back roads gave us a pretty good impression of the country and its people. That’s when Christian and I began considering a move to the US.

In ’99, along with our two teenage sons Manuel and Florian, we relocated to Winston-Salem, NC. Our sons started riding motorcycles with us to scout out our new territory. It was a scary moment when I realized that our children shared our enthusiasm for riding motorcycles. We decided to train them well, exposing them to lots of road time and enrolling them in classes to build up their skills. During this happy and exciting time, we debuted RoadRUNNER magazine in 2001. Several years later in 2005, we lost Christian in a traffic accident. His passing made me realize how quickly life can change – and how important the support of family and friends can be in getting through difficult times.