Brian Shaney


Brian ShaneyI grew up in the days when Evil Knievel was every boy’s hero. My friends and I spent our days concocting stunts that involved bicycles and ramps. While none of us were seriously injured, it’s safe to say we sent plenty of bikes to an early rest.

My exposure to motorized 2 wheelers was nearly immediate as my oldest brother built custom bikes—bikes and trikes of all shapes, sizes, and colors filled his yard.

It has been more than a few years since I threw my leg over my first bike. A 1975 Honda CB550/4. In that time, I’ve owned sportbikes, sport-touring bikes, adventure bikes, dual sports, cafe bikes, and several UJM’s.

Along with riding, I’ve always enjoyed photography as a hobby, and when I began writing seriously in 2009, the three passions became one. I’ve been fortunate to have had some great two wheeled adventures and I am always planning the next.

I currently reside in the Midwest with my wife and daughter.