Bill Warhop

Copy Editor

I started a semiprofessional publishing career early on, writing and selling papers to fellow students in my high school English classes. After several failed college majors and a stint in the Air Force working with a combat camera team in Bosnia, my interests turned to journalism, where one can be a dabbler in all trades and master of none.
After graduating with a degree in print journalism from Georgia State University in 2003, I interned at Atlanta magazine and showed off my copy-editing skills at every turn. It paid off; I spent the next seven years there as a copy editor, staff writer, and managing editor. It was a distinct pleasure to be a part of Atlanta when it won the National Magazine Award in 2008.
I’m currently working on my master’s in history at Georgia State. In the meantime, I keep my sanity by having unproductive conversations with my dog, Ringo, and dreaming that I have time to ride my ’95 Kawasaki Vulcan on the highways and scenic byways featured in RoadRUNNER.