Alfonse Palaima


Does anyone remember the Fraggle that used to return to his village with items and ideas from outside their little world? His name was Traveling Matt. I’m the human version of that Jim Henson character, bringing photos and experiences to all of you.

Thanks to my parent’s wanderlust bug, I was crossing the country with them at the age of six, from the Keystone State to the Golden State and back. Still looking down every road, wondering where it goes, I’ve grown to touring on two wheels, and I’ve never looked back.

Based in California, the PCH is in my backyard. I’ve ridden between L.A. and San Francisco countless times. On one tour to see the inaugural return of flat track racing to Calistoga Speedway, I rode with Christa Neuhauser. My passion for travel, photography, and the motorcycle industry was on display, and in the following year, I was invited to write to all of you. Lifelong goal achieved!