City Escape Submissions

City EscapeWe are now accepting submissions for City Escapes! If you have a great ride that can be done in a day leaving out of a major U.S. or Canadian city, this is the perfect opportunity to submit to RoadRUNNER!


Overview (30-50 words)
Brief intro, what makes this route/area special, when is the best time to ride

Length  (City Escapes are 1-day rides)
Approximately XXX miles

Meet-up spot (10-20 words)
Select a nice place a group could meet up for this ride. (ample parking, convenient location, etc)

Scenery (10-20 words)
Rate the scenery along the route from 1-5, 1 being the worst, and give a brief description of what the scenery is like

Traffic (10-20 words)
Rate the traffic along the route from 1-5, 1 being the worst, and briefly explain what kind of traffic will likely be encountered along the route.

Difficulty (10-20 words)
Rate the difficulty of the route from 1-5, 1 being the easiest, 5 the most difficult, and briefly explain your reason for your rating.

Road Conditions (10-20 words)
Rate the road conditions along the route from 1-5, 1 being the worst, and give a brief description of the road conditions along the route.

Lunch stop (10-20 words)
Select a special lunch stop that would be a great place for small groups to eat lunch at along the route. Include what kind of food is served, atmosphere, address, phone #, and website if available.

List 2-5 notable places, sites, and/or things to do along the route. Include name of attraction, city, and website.

Submit 3-5 photos (unaltered, original files that represent this tour well)

Submit GPS file or google map of the route, or a paper map that clearly outlines the route. (Try not to over-complicate the route w/ constant turns, unless it is unavoidable)

Download an example of a City Escape and guidelines for reference, before submitting.

*Currently, submissions for City Escapes are for online publication only. If your submission is selected for publication, you will receive a RoadRUNNER Fan Package! (includes Riding America’s Backroads book, a pair of Touring Socks, a Premium Hat, and Key Chain)

Submissions should be sent to: (CD/DVD with photos and text following the guidelines above)

RoadRUNNER Magazine
Attn: City Escape Submissions
206 N. Spruce St, Ste 2B
Winston Salem, NC 27101

or may be sent to Article Submissions. (Hi-Resolution photos must be sent)