EBR Back in Action and Rolling Out the 2016 1190RX and 1190SX

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It’s been a long year for Erik Buell Racing, but after Liquid Asset Partners acquired EBR’s remaining assets for $2 million in January, the manufacturer is back in action. EBR Motorcycles resumed production March 1 with a stable financial plan in place from LAP.

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The new company—officially EBR Motorcycles, LLC—is starting with production of the 2016 1190RX and 1190SX, and the first bikes are scheduled to roll off the line March 17, complete with a press day for approved media. The public, Buell Nation, and EBR fans are all invited to attend the EBR launch party on March 18 at its factory on Buell Drive in East Troy, WI. There will be free food, an EBR team meet and greet, tours of the production line, and other events at venues across the town’s historic downtown village.

“This would not be possible without the EBR team. All the credit goes to them for waiting out the storms during the last year,” said Bill Melvin Jr., CEO of LAP. “Now the clouds have cleared; EBR is able to shift into gear knowing that it has financial stability, a profitable multi-year plan, and a 5-10 year vision. We feel there is still room for new partnerships or investment, but it is not critical. EBR is on solid ground and moving forward. We are turning the key and twisting the throttle!”

“I am really looking forward to the launch and the press day. I have dedicated my life to this and want to get the word out on how great our motorcycles are,” said Erik Buell, Founder and CTO.

Ed Laben, Director of Sourcing said, “It is so good to see the factory coming back to life! The energy, talent, and enthusiasm of this team are unparalleled, and I can’t wait for the world to see what’s coming down the road.”

New management positions at EBR Motorcycles include:

• Steve Smith: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
• Bill Melvin Jr.: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
• Erik Buell: Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
• Kim Tordik: VP of Business Operations
• Ed Laben: Director of Sourcing
• Dan Hurda: Director of Engineering

The next steps for the company is to identify the 2016 top U.S. dealers and to work closely with them for the re-launch. Riders can prepare to buy from these premier dealers, helping to grow and solidify EBR Motorcycles in 2016. Information on EBR’s aggressive new 2016 MSRP, warranty for 2016 bikes, and plans for racing will be forthcoming next week.

Text & photography: EBR Motorcyles


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