Husaberg Announces 2013 Model Range

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Husaberg, a Swedish company now a division of KTM, has announced their 2013 North American model range featuring a variety of new or improved 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes in every competition class. The entire 2013 model line has been updated with new chromoly frames, high-strength plastic subframes, swingarms, and bodywork. They also get a new, more easily adjustable fork that allows rebound and compression adjustments on the upper end.

Check out the video to see the new Husaberg’s in action:

Husaberg’s 2013 Model Line and Updates

FE 250
Husaberg’s newest model is also their first 4-stroke, 250cc bike and features modern electronic fuel injection.

FE 350
This mid-size bike replaces the FE 390 for 2013 and strikes a balance between the size of a 250 and the power of a 450.

FE 450
Though the 450 doesn’t receive any model specific updates for 2013, it shares the blanket 2013 updates with the rest of Husaberg’s model line.

FE 501
For 2013 Husaberg’s flagship gets a substantial weight reduction to complement its power.

TE 125
The little 125cc 2-stroke is the smallest bike in Husaberg’s lineup and receives the same new frame, subframe, swingarm, and bodywork updates as its larger stable mates.

TE 250
The 2-stroke middleman receives a new chassis as well as adjustable power valves and selectable ignition curves, which allow the rider to tailor the bike to his or her riding style.

TE 300
Husberg’s biggest 2-stroke also receives an all-new chassis along with a power boost.

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