Arizona Motorcycle Touring Center for Sale

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Thousands of motorcycle riders have had the opportunity to enjoy the Arizona Motorcycle Experience through millions of miles in and around the four corner states.

MCTOURS, LLC, the operator of the Arizona Motorcycle Touring CenterSM and the provider of the Arizona Motorcycle Experience has developed a profitable motorcycle rental and touring business that has a reputation for great customer service.
While the recent downturn pushed many powersports enterprises over the cliff, this business remained profitable even in these difficult times.

Due to the owners’ move abroad, the Arizona Motorcycle Touring CenterSM is for Sale.
Business systems are in place to promote smooth transition to a new owner.

Facilities: The current operation is implemented in two leased spaces in Scottsdale, AZ: The rental outlet (1300 sq. feet) and a shop where service and maintenance is performed (1056 sq. feet) With the current lease agreements the new owner will have the flexibility either to continue leasing these spaces or to relocate the business without any binding restrictions. The purchase of inventory items (fleet, tow truck, trailer) is optional and not included in the asking price.

Competition: The target market for this business is value motorcycle rentals and tours. A unique product mix, distinguished trade marks, outstanding quality and prime on-line presence gives this business a competitive advantage.

Growth/Expansion: The firm foundation of this business provides excellent growth opportunity in multiple fields. e.g.: fleet expansion, one-way rental, ATV-rental, extended retail sales, etc. 90% of existing sales result from a well optimized website, no other advertising is in place. Enhanced marketing activities can unleash untapped resources. Drip marketing campaigns for the existing customers, cross-promotions with other tourism entities, hotel flyer program, concierge relationships, courtesy pick-up are just a few of the options the new owner may want to investigate.

For more information on the Arizona Motorcycle Touring CenterSM visit or call (480)970-5530.



3007 N 73rd Street #B

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Tel: (480) 970-5530



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